The Seminar "Web3 Trends - Decoding and Forecasting"


The Seminar "Web3 Trends - Decoding and Forecasting"



by BlockBase Ventures Research

In a noteworthy collaboration, Herond Labs and BlockBase partnered with Mad Monkey Guild and Education Dao to host a seminar titled "Web3 Trends - Decoding and Forecasting" at FPT Polytechnic College in Ho Chi Minh City. The seminar "Web3 Trends - Decoding and Forecasting" is part of a series of activities to disseminate blockchain technology and applications organized in collaboration with BlockBase and Herond Labs and academic institutions. The seminar's core feature was a specialized blockchain course, curated specifically to enhance students' understanding and proficiency in this pivotal technological field. As a testament to their engagement and achievement, participants are set to receive a certificate of completion from BlockBase, a tangible accolade of their commitment and proficiency. In addition to the academic core, the program brought to the table a wide array of fascinating extracurricular activities, designed to inspire, challenge, and engage students, further enriching their learning experience.

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